Datum: 16 november 2018
Plaats: Rotterdam
Tijd: 09:30

Purpose Day

Purpose is not about your goal, it is about your meaning. Purpose is not about your financial growth, it is about your growth in impact. It is not about your catchy mission statement that thrills your employees, it is about your leading role as a company in this world. Purpose is about what you can do in for the well-being for this planet, our animals and all the people.

Purpose Day is a yearly event for all ambitious entrepreneurs and forward thinking chiefs of the world. For respected leaders of big corporates to the gritty young guns of explosively growing start ups.

Join us in a full day of topnotch keynotes, high-end workshops, disruptive ideas and inspiring projects. To share and sharpen your big dreams and start bringing them to life. On 16.11.2018 we will accelerate the journey towards a purpose driven economy. Be there, claim your purpose and start making your mission possible.